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let not your heart be troubled, greta is coming up next to go on the record, and we will be back here tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. greta, take it away. >> this is a fox news alert. president obama now admitting the irs targeted conservative groups. just moments ago the president issuing a statement saying he has just reviewed the treasury department watchdog report and he finds the findings intolerable and inexcusable. president obama also saying those responsible will be held accountable. we will have much more on the breaking news in a minute. but first. >> the irs is the collection agency of the status. >> clearly we've only started to scratch the surface of this scandal. >> the irs is the collection agency of socialism. >> can you see categorically nobody at the white house and nobody on the president's political team had any knowledge
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or was involved in any way in the targeting of tea party groups by the irs? >> yes. >> this is going to hit a nerve with increasing numbers of people in the public because this is something people can identify with. people understands this. >> if there was specific deliberate targeting of conservative groups or any groups inappropriately, he would be outraged. >> there's no single agency in government that has the power that the irs has. they can destroy people. and frankly, this is an agency that can create more people in the hearts of people than any other agency. >> anybody who was aware of and approved of targeting people for their political beliefs and speech, needs to be fired, never in this position again and made an example of. >> can you give us assurances that the irs is not targeting particular groups based on political leanings? >> yes, i can give you assurances. we pride ourselves on being a
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nonpolitical, nonpartisan organization. there's absolutely no targeting. >> this one is easily understandable. the irs targeting and people suspect this anyway, now this is confirmation of it. >> tonight we are hearing from people who say they were targeted by the irs. the richmond tea party said it was subject today a grueling application after applying for tax-exempt status. richmond tea party executive joins us. thanks for being here, larry. >> thanks for having us on. >> were you targeted? >> absolutely and it's creepy being on anybody's enemy's list, especially the government's. >> tonight the president admits it did happen. does that make you feel any better? >> it doesn't make us feel better but it makes us feel vindicated. a year or year and a half ago we were saying that we felt this was a problem. and i guess we get to say i told you so, but that doesn't really
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make us feel any better. >> you got a big questionnaire they made you fill it out. tell me the process. you applied for tax-exempt stat us and what happened? >> we applied for tax-exempt status in december of '09. we did not receive that until july of 2012. so just last summer. >> so it took two and a half years almost. >> yeah. >> two and a half years to get a questionnaire. what happened in between there? >> it took about a year before we got our first 17 questions. those were fairly benign. i guess the organization i'm speaking for thought it would be six months to a year to get the tax-exempt status. our first red flag was it began to take significantly longer. then we got hit a year later with another set of questions. a total of about 55, but each question had multiple parts, bullets in it, and those questions were way outside the bounds what have the government should be asking and that really alarmed us. >> like what? >> for example, they wanted to know information about our
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members, who they associate with. they were really -- what alarms me the most is they wanted to know our donors' names, personal information about them, whether they were going to run for office or has ever run for office. the whole point behind getting a 501c-4 tax-exempt so donors can donate anonymously. there's a lot of people who don't want their name attached to a police cal organization when they give money. what impact it had on the richmond tea party was people were afraid to give money and that impacts our organization. >> who were you deal with? the cincinnati office or. >> the signatures on the bottom of the page are the specialists that worked for the nonprofit groups. it was fairly two low-level specialists in cincinnati that are on the paperwork. that's who we dealt with. >> are you suspicious it went beyond the specialists? >> absolutely.
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the suspicion comes from i just don't believe anybody could go rogue in a cubical in cincinnati and control targeting of so many different conservative groups all across the country. to me, in my mind, it's pretty obvious this was coordinated from somewhere else. >> if you heard, heard, and i dt know this to be true, you heard a bunch of liberal groups got the same treatment, would that make it easier that you were targeted? i don't know if that happened but. >> i've been hearing that that did happen, not that long ago even. the point here, greta, this is an issue for all americans. this is not just a right or left or center issue. as a matter of fact, we've been so divide the lately as a country, i look at this as an opportunity tore groups to come together. all you have to do is replace your name or, let's say, the name green or justice or pro gross of instead of tea party and how would you like to be targeted by the irs and have your paperwork slowed down by
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two years? i don't think anybody wants that. >> prior to joining the tea party were you ever like -- were you involved in politics, were you arrested for pro testing or any terrorism threats, anything peculiar about you that would make the irs want to take another look at you or is this something you started doing a couple years ago? >> five years ago i couldn't even spell irs. but i've been politically active only in the last couple of years. like a lot of americans, i'm really, really concerned for the direction of the country. i think we are way off on the wrong track and we need to get back to limited -- constitutionally limited government, free market prosperity. the purpose of the government is to protect our rights. our rights, the life, liberty and property. instead, they are aggressively coming after us in a very, very tyrannical way. >> nice to see you. good luck, sir. >> thank you.
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>> last friday the irs confessing it it targeted conservative groups. why did it take the white house so long to admit it? press secretary jay carney would not admit it even today and it was not until finally tonight president obama admitted the irs did this. both seem to be stuck on one word, "if." >> the president it use the word "f" -- if the activities took place. >> has been an acknowledgment on the part of the irs leadership that these things did occur so i wondered why the government used that phrasing in claiming it was an outrageous -- >> that was from the irs. obviously they have much greater insight to what took place than we do. >> if the reports are true, he would consider them outrageous. >> if it turns out to be the case. >> if there was specific, deliberate targeting of conservative groups or any groups inappropriately, he would
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be outraged. the reports that we've seen are very troubling. and if true, that goes into -- i mean, the "if" phrasing is appropriate. if what we are seeing in some of these reports about specific targeting and actions taken by personnel within the irs turns out to be true -- >> but we know part of it is fact. it's not in the "if" area anymore, it's fact. >> i agree with that and if it turns out to be true he would be outraged. it's not who we are, it's not the way the irs should ever operate, if it turns out to be true. >> finally tonight president obama issuing a statement admitting the irs failed to apply the law in a fair and impartial way. congressman charles has been questioning the irs for two years. he joins us. thanks for being here. >> nice to be here, greta. >> are you satisfied the
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president said in a statement tonight he knew it happened. >> well, i'm glad he acknowledged it and we have an obligation in the congress about this. we started this two years ago. the irs has been evasive, misleading, and it's about time we get down to the facts. >> why have you allowed the irs to be evasive and misleading? all the people you talked to today, they said they were trying for a couple years to get their tax-exempt status even ruled upon. they were dragged out besides being put through the crazy hoops. >> we've been asking questions, we've had meetings in front ever us and formal hearings. the question now becomes was there perjury? what happened here? i had the commissioner of the irs in front of my subcommittee march of 2012 and he denied any of this was going on. so it begs -- >> he flat-out denied it. >> that's right. >> did he even bother to look? >> it begs the questiowas he not aware of what was going on in his agency or is he lying?
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we are going to get to the bottom of this. >> that was then. you have an accounting director now. senator marco rubio, among others, have called for him to be fired. should he be fired? >> we are going to have a hearing on friday, the full committee, house, ways and means committee. we will have the acting director there. we will see what answers he gives us. side by side, hard questioning, we will find out what happened and hen we will make decisions based on that. >> i would send a plane to cincinnati and pick up the specialists too. why don't you put them under oath and find out why were they doing it, who told them, who decided and get them under oath and get them under oath fast before much chance. >> we will go step by step and move as quickly as we possibly can. >> get them there friday. >> well, that's the chairman's call but i think we start with the acting commissioner. he knew what was going on during the course of this. he knew the director of the exempt organizations division
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knew what was going on. in fact she was in front of our committee last week and bolted as soon as this was over with. questions were asked and again denials and then friday the information comes out. >> that's because they knew that the report was coming out. suddenly when they know the report is coming out from the inspector general, treasury, they knew it was coming out today so friday, of course, they tried to. >> i'll point out to you none of this would have happened, and in fact the inspector general would not have taken this up if it were not for the investigation we launched two years ago. >> you know, it's just stunning, though, when i hear about this. i think about so many americans, they are just trying to do their civic duty, whether it's an organization or religious group, franklin graham, reverend franklin graham said they were audited and billy graham. i'm talking to people all day long peculiar things are happening. >> the irs is a powerful entity
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in our government and interfaces directly with the taxpayer. there can be no tolerance for abuse and this is what we've seen. >> we've had tolerance the past years. and i'm asking begging you congressman, step it up. step up the pressure on the irs. it's not hurting me but i'm seeing the people it is hurting and this isn't right. we have to stop sending let speakers waiting for them to respond and expect they will all of a sudden change their way. we have to make them do their jobs right and fair. >> that's what we are going to do. we aren't going to stop. >> friday is a big day. thanks, sir. >> great tore but. >> it's not only the tea party and conservative groups, tonight new accusations by the irs that they are always scrutinizing some religion us organizations and organizations relating to israel. we spoke with the leader one of those groups, lori are z street. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. thank you so much. >> for the viewers who are not
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familiar, well me what it is. >> it's an educational organization whose mission is to provide accurate information about israel, in particular, and the middle east in general. >> all right. in 2009 the organization filed for 501c3 which is a charitable status; is that correct. >> that's correct. >> that allow donations made to your organization to be deducted like any other charity that has that status. >> that's right. >> what happened to your 2009 application? have you gotten that charitable deduction status yet? >> no, we didn't. the irs put our makes on hold. >> why? >> because we had the tumerity to sue the irs for what we believe was the viewpoint discrimination. >> what was the viewpoint discrimination you believe they have against your organization. >> let me tell what you happened. after we filed in later 2009, by that summer we hadn't seen word
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weather we were going forward. agent assigned to the file told our lawyer the reason it was being held up is because the irs had to give special sutny to organization connect today israel. the irs agent also told our lawyer that some of those organizations were going to be sent to a special unit in washington to determine whether the organization's positions contradicted those of the administration's. at that point we knew that is classic viewpoint discrimination and we knew we had to bring an action. so we brought a lawsuit against the irs, z street versus douglas showman, who was the commissioner of the irs. after we filed our lawsuit, the irs began having several different positions on why it was taking so long. one of which was because terrorism happens in israel. therefore, they had to look into our organization because they thought we might be funding
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terrorism. we are a parley educational entity. we can't fund anybody. we barely fund ourselves. >> let me ask a couple quick questions. yes or no. has anyone in your group ever been arrested for terrorism? >> no. >> have your assets been frozen anytime in your organization as it might be connected to terrorism? >> no. >> has anyone ever accused your organization in the united states, the u.s. government, of being a terrorist organization? >> no. >> is there anyone anyplace in the world that has accused your organization of being a terrorist organization? >> not that i know of. >> so your suit is still pending, you still, since december of 2009, don't have a charitable deduction status. do you know what is sort of the routine time period? how much does it usually take most organizations, perhaps one unrelated to israel, to get charitable deduction status? >> our lawyer at the time said
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probably it would take between five and ten months. we started making phone calls about eight months after or seven months after we filed. but they -- >> go ahead. >> the irs told us after we sued them that they were going to put our application on hold because we were litigating about the status of our application when, in fact, we were litigating about the constitutionality of the process the irs is using. >> thank you very much. we will continue to follow your case. i understand there is a hearing coming up in july so we will follow it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. now, there's more to that interview and you can see it on now to tonight's hot button issue. which best industries your view of the white house involvement in the irs scandal? a, the white house had absolutely nothing to do with it, b, the white house is up to their eyeballs in it or, c, the white house new but looked the other way.
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go to and vote. straight ahead, not just the irs, senator lamar alexander said there is another problem for the obama administration. one he compares to the iran contra. and is eric hold are trying to dodge the latest justice department scandal or is he being responsible? you have to hear what he says about the secret seizure of a.p. phone records, and you will. and rush limbaugh is the topic of conversation between president obama and justin timberlake and what did he tell timberlake and what did he tell the stars about that and [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we never stop being amazed by you.
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[ baby fussing ] gestarting may 20th atts participating bay area stores. ♪ >> not only the only ones in hot water. she's soliciting multi-organizations for obamacare. but that may be illegal. senator lamar alexander is comparing her fundraising to the iran contra scandal. she joins us. >> that's harsh, the iran contra scandal. why do you say that? >> go back 25 years.
10:22 pm
oliver north in the reagan administration is accused of raising private funds and using it in a private organization to conduct a war in nicaragua that congress had' fuse today appropriate. what secretary sebelius appears to be doing is the same sort of thing. congress said we refuse to give you more money to implement obamacare and she says if you won't do it, i'll go outside and i'll raise private money, use a private organization and do it anyway. what the democratic select committee that investigated oliver north 25 years ago said the constitution doesn't allow that and the anti-deficiency act says it's illegal. >> obviously the iran contra involved deaths and a little different than here. >> well, it's different, but this involves almost every american. the the principle is the same. >> i'm curious, what is her response or the administration's response when you say -- you are
10:23 pm
basically trying to end run congress; that it? >> the fonder said we don't want a king so we will set up a congress and say congress only you can appropriate money. so if she says, well, i don't care about that. i'll do it outside the congress anyway. the problem with that is the constitution doesn't allow it. and there is a law against it. >> i guess one of the things i was curious is who is it she's raising money from? are these people who are in healthcare and want to do business with the government or want to do -- i'm wondering about conflicts ever interest. thinking maybe if we hustle a private organization for cash they think they will get more business in healthcare. is there any suggestion that, you know, these are just the wrong people as well to look for money? >> more than a suggestion. the new york times on monday and the washington post the day before said that she's raising money. sometimes in the million dollars category from health insurance, people she regulates. so you are raising money from people you regulate, that's one
10:24 pm
problem. >> that's a big problem. that >> that's a conflict of interest and that's what's happening. and it may not seem like as big a problem to make an end run on congress but it's other a pattern we've been seeing. just like the president making recess appointments from the senate is in recess. the fonders didn't want a king. they created congress and bill of rights to stop the king. and these end runs around congress are specifically illegal. >> senator, i'm not -- you know, i don't think that so much of the end run congress. i didn't mean that. but, you know, with the rebels it's a little different. but i got your -- i agree with you. you shouldn't be end-running congress. i'm totally with you. it's just the distinction between the two examples. tell me, has the administration responded to you? has secretary sebelius responded to you? >> no. well, they responded and said the president found a statute that says with research contracts she can encourage
10:25 pm
research. but it's pretty far-fetched to say that justifies raising money probably from people you regulate to make the end run of congress and that can't override the constitution that says only the congress may appropriate funds. >> so where does it -- what's going to happen? >> what's going to happen is several of us are going to ask the government accountability office to look. it. we will ask the inspector general to look into it. the house of representatives has the capacity to have the investigation. what i hope she does is stop. i think people have very short memories. all this is going on right now, we were just talking so much, but it sounds like the way iran contra started. benghazi sounds like the way watergate started. the excessive looking for leaks, up to 100 a.p. employees sound like how the plumbers sounded and it sounds like the enemy's list in the nixon administration. it sounds like unpleasant echoes and the administration ought to
10:26 pm
not want that to happen. >> we should get to the bottom of every one of them. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> straight ahead. house republicans gearing up to grill eric holder tomorrow. what will they want to know about the secret seizure of a.p. phone records. and also you may not be surprised that president obama was anythingling with hollywood a-lifters. all business purchases. so you can capture your receipts, and manage them online with jot, the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can.
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10:31 pm
into the formulation of the subpoena. this was a very serious -- a very serious leak and a very, very serious leak. i have ban prosecutor since 1976. i have to say that this is among, if not the most serious, it is within the top two or three most serious leaks that i have ever seen. it put the american people at risk. that is not hyperboly. it put the american people at risk. trying to see who was responsible required aggressive action. >> the person representing the a.p. in the case joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> hello, greta. >> you didn't hear about this a year ago when it happened. what provoked the government to finally tell the a.p. that it had seized these records? >> the government told the a.p. they seized the records because it's required to do so under the department of justice guidelines. if they seize records without prior notice, they are obligated
10:32 pm
to let the press know in no more than 90 days and that's what happened here. >> when were the records seized? >> i'm sorry? >> when were the records seized? >> well, we don't know exactly, greta. the notice given on friday basically said we are telling you pursuant to the regulations that we've seized the records of these 20 phone lines. we don't know. sometime in the last 90 days because they were required to give notice within 90 days. but whether it was three months ago or last month, we don't know. >> do you have any sense whether it was to seek information or to intimidate? do you have a gut sense as to what this was? >> well, you know, i i take the department of justice at their word when they said it's part of a leaks investigation. they had done a number of other steps and felt this was needed. but that really isn't sufficient. there is always going to be this conflict between the government's right to keep it secret and the ability of the press to have a zone of
10:33 pm
protection where it can talk with sources and know that it's activities are independent of government monitoring. that line is always going to exist. and someone has to draw those boundaries. the problem with what happened here is that there were regulations put in place after the watergate scandal specifically to help mediate that determination. there are a number of restriction the put on the department of justice. it seemed to have just been violated here or ignored here in a rather dramatic way. >> it seems to me that, you know, they would have given you notice in advance if they thought you were going to be cooperative and that they didn't because, you know, obviously they thought what are we going to do, destroy the records? i don't know how you get rid of the records but there was a reason they didn't tell you. >> there's two fundamental problems the a.p. has with what happened here that were spelled out in its letter to the department of justice. one was a massive nature of what was done. there were 20 phone lines in a number of bureaus that involved phones that probably 100 or so reporters had access to. it got all of their outgoing
10:34 pm
calls for a two month period on everything they dealt with. so it really was giving the government a road map into how the a.p. goes about their business, who it was talking to, what stories they were following. that's the sort of information the government has no right to have. that was number one. and number two, the guidelines put in place in the 1970s that the press is supposed to be given advance notice when the government needs information critical to an criminal investigation and allowed to negotiate and allowed to negotiate to protect their own interests. that didn't happen here. >> the statement today, may 14th, from gary pruitt, last paragraph where he said the white house said, this is a year ago, there was no credible threated american people made of 2012. the a.p. story they had written then suggested otherwise and we felt it was important information, the public deserved to know it. to me it seemed like a chilling exercise because you dared to, because the a.p. dared to publish that story. >> well, as i said, the department of justice is saying
10:35 pm
it was a legitimate probe. our concern is they shouldn't be judge, jury and executioner. if there was a need for the information there should have been advance notice. the reason it's important because when you have advance notice it affords the press the opportunity to go to a judge and have a judge be an independent ash tore whether their constitutional rights of the press are being protected. without that you have executive fiat and its not how the system should work and doesn't have the checks and balance and overreaching by the government. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> tomorrow attorney john eric holder on the how seat. he will of it before the house judiciary committee. he can count about the secret seeds you are of the phone records. a congressman trey joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> hello. >> i don't expect he will say anything about the records because he said he has reduced himself, passed to a deputy. >> your previous guest made reference to the manual and
10:36 pm
internal procedures that are codified by the code of regulations. they aren't sat statutes but regulations. and in terms of you have to negotiate with the media ahead of time. i brought you a copy. this is out of the u.s. attorney general manual. that's what they are supposed to follow with respect to media subpenas. but you were an attorney. there is lots of privileges, priest, husband-wife, and none of them qualify. you have a major leak which is a compelling issue and you juxtapose that with the right of the media to do their job and provide oversight, there's a conflict. there's no federal statute on point. but the supreme court said if there is a compelling interest, which there certainly is in national security cases and the information is relevant wishes is has to be to justify a subpoena, and you have no alternative means of getting the information, then the department of justice had no choice. >> here's the problem f you look at this statement today from the ceo of a.p., he talked about how
10:37 pm
when they were going to report the story about -- about this started a year ago, that the a.p. held the story until the government ashowered us, meaning the a.p., that the national security concerns had passed. the reason that's important, it shows the a.p. was a cooperative institution. it held a story. so why suddenly fast forward and think the a.p. is not going to be cooperative in terms of trying to narrow of breadth of the records that the government would want? willingness to be cooperativet a and responsive. i don't know if they had to hold the story a year ago. i don't know if they had any obligation. but the a.p. has shown it is responsible and not irresponsible and as a consequence the d. o. j. came in like a bulldozer and secretly took the records. >> and it may well be that they used a sledgehammer when a scalpel was required. i was happy to see the a.p. not challenge prosecutor's ability
10:38 pm
to seek information. instead they are arguing it's overly broad in its depth and scope. that's a legitimate question and i'm sure some of my colleagues will ask the attorney general about that. >> they are arguing about it in thin air. if raised it ahead of time they would have gone before a judge and they had have been able to argue it in a a forum where there was a decision. as the lawyer said, by the d. o. j. doing it, they removed the ability to have anybody make a decision except for the d. o. j.. >> that's true with all grand jury subpoenas. >> you can quash them. >> not if they had known about it. >> but they could have. >> if you are a prosecutor and wanted to argue this, they will have had time to get their story straight as to who was using which phone. >> if you think a.p. is sinister, i go back to the fact a.p. is willing to hold the story a year ago. they have a record of being cooperative, not sinister and
10:39 pm
crooked. >> partially. they held it for a period of time. the department of justice wanted them to hold it longer and they didn't to it. >> apparently they wanted to do it forever so we didn't know it was dangerous. >> think back a year ago. we had the attorney i don't know and other department of justice employees and we grilled them over national security leaks. here they are doing what we asked them to do, investigate the leak. >> of course, but investigate it within, you know, within the law. i mean, don't do it overbroad. >> what category of investigation does the target of the investigation to get to negotiate as to the scope? if they wanted your records, they wouldn't call you ahead of time. you are a report he, you might not be a good example. but if you are a lawyer in the old days and they sent you a subpoena, do you think they would call you and say. >> no, i will go to court. but you get the last word on this. >> that's rare. >> it is not. you always get the last word. but anyway we shall will have a lot more time to talk. always nice to see you. >> thank you. >> coming up, after our
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the tea party can't get a break. now the chairman is blasting and insulting the tea party. take a look what he said while speaking of the irs targeting conservative groups. >> i think it's entirely legitimate to look at the tea party. i mean here are a group of people who are admittedly racist, who are overtly political, who tried as best they can to harm president obama in every way they can. they are the taliban wing of american politics and we all ought to be a little worried about them. >> ouch. in 2004 the former chairman accused the irs of unfairly auditing the naacp. now he has clearly changed his tune. he has no problem with the irs
10:43 pm
targeting specific groups. so on the record has a questn for you. is it time to audit the irs? go to goata wire and tell us. our team is monitoring your responses. we will be back in tw flying is old hat for business travelers. the act of soaring across an ocean in a three-hundred-ton rocket doesn't raise as much as an eyebrow for these veterans of the sky. however, seeing this little beauty over international waters is enough to bring a traveler to tears. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving. we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of tim and laura. it's amazing how appreciative people are when you tell them they could save a lot of money on their car insurance by switching to geico...they may even make you their best man. may i have the rings please? ah, helzberg diamonds.
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>> the sole jurisdiction should be to be find out what happened in benghazi and make sure we don't jeopardize american lives. >> to me, from the get-go, it always seemed more efficient. that seemed like an efficiency argument. but speaker babe -- speaker boehner hasn't been behind this. is this because of all of these people who want to be the head of this? why is speaker boehner opposed to it. >> kiunderstand it. >> why? >> he is thinking, then it will become politicized. every stand we take is political. every vote that we take is political -- it doesn't make it bad sense of the word. >> how does it make more sense to do it politicalally you?
10:47 pm
than members of congress are writing letters 3 years before neigh get a response. maybe if we streamlined it a little bit, maybe if we had one committee with one job, they would get it done and we could move on. and the president would get his ajebda and we would know what happened. >> it's like your job. you are like a renaissance woman on this show because you handle, you know, illegal funding for obamacare -- >> make my job easier. >> a.p. looking at the justice department, getting the records of a.p. calling 20 lines to reporters. you are handling irs targeting conservative groups, benghazi. but you can't do it all, all in one particular -- one subject, all at once. >> sure. >> that's what this select committee would do. i congratulate frank wolf for what he is doing. it does not demean the work of chairman issa. he's been doing a wonderful job -- >> maybe he'll be the chairman. >> he will be doing something else tomorrow, as well he should
10:48 pm
because there is no so much going on. >> but this committee would be focusing like a laser beam on that particular subject and nothing else. it has a limited time period. and you would have a council who would be able to ask questions, maybe for a 30-minute block. you know how it is in congress, greta. we each get 5 minutes. and each of us is asking a different thing. it's hard to pin down the witnesses and get them to answer the hard questions. >> i should note for the viewers that ambass derpickering has said he does want to testify -- >> they have. to they didn't interview secretary of state hillary clinton. it's outrageous. >> they have said they want to. we will see what happens. nice to see you. >> see you this weekend. you are the graduation speaker. >> your daughter's graduating. >> straight ahead, rush limbaugh making an offer to president obama. is it an offer the president can't refuse? that's coming up. empting... ... you thought wrong.
10:49 pm
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>> okay, everyone knows governor christie loves to be with the big stars. you've seen him with bon jovi, alec baldwin and the governors absolute favorite, bruce springsteen. but today he took it to the next level. royalty. he tweeted greeting prince henry at the jersey show the best way i know how with his own royal police. what better way to say welcome to new jersey. and jodi is back in jail and back online. the convicted killer has returned to twitter tweeting out any donations to my family or mean is made only at jodiariasisin any other source asking for
10:54 pm
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10:58 pm
>> greta: last night president ob yaum hanging out with hollywood a-lifters in new york city. that is no surprise. the topic of conversation? rush limbaugh. >> yesterday, i am at home, i'm working on today's
10:59 pm
programming. i'm minding my own business. bothering no one. and i get an e mail from a friend. obama just told justin timberlake and jessica beil and harvey winestein the reason he can't get anything done is because of you. the reason is that the republicans are afraid of me. to move things forward in this country boy like to make myself available to the president of the united states. to sit down to talk with him at a place of his choosing. and discuss the problems facing the country. and maybe, working together since i am the opposition. since i am the obstacle. i'm the reason he can't get things kun. -- done. >> that is your last call. we're closing down shop but very something special to tell you tonight. we have a brand new feature and a new ticker with the news
11:00 pm
that. is my idea go and tell me whether you like it or not. open thread vote about the irs and everything else. see you tomorrow night, good night from washington. you. [ laughter ] >> i'm greg gutfeld along our panel and dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and slightly balmy. >> greg: one week ago president obama said this about government. >> you have grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government is nothing more than a some sinister entity at the root of all our problems, you should reject all these voices, because what they suggest that our our unique experiment in self rule is a sham which w

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